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With four universities and a wide range of graduates living and working in the region, Burgess Hill is perfectly placed to develop a new Science & Technology Park and create a new high-tech business growth corridor to the west of the town.

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Started in the 1960’s, Science & Technology Parks didn’t gain traction until the 1980’s when government encouraged universities to be more outward looking and commercially aware. By the 1990’s more than half the universities in the UK had some kind of agreement or collaboration with science parks. With local universities currently providing employers with over 41,000 graduates over a five year period, there has never been a better time to harness this talent.

The proposed Science & Technology Park in Burgess Hill will see 50% of new jobs earmarked for graduates and will be supported by high-tech full fibre infrastructure. The preferred site is located amongst the wider high-tech business corridor to the west of Burgess Hill and south of the A2300.

The site will look to consist of a core facility housing an ‘anchor organisation’ from a commercial, academic or research body; which will be supported by a hotel, and conference and meeting facilities. The area will also look to include cafes and leisure facilities to establish the park as a resource for the wider community, as well as an environment where employees from a range of organisations can meet and collaborate.

The new Science & Technology Park in Burgess Hill will not only create a high number of skilled jobs, but also lead to the development of research into commercial products and services, making this a centre of excellence, productivity and sustainability.

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Landmark New Employment Space


To drive forward greater business investment in the town and in partnership with the private sector, we will deliver 25 hectares of new employment space in the town creating 15,000 new jobs, and making Burgess Hill one of the most attractive places in the region to do business.