Community and infrastructure FAQs

Latest Questions

  1. The increase in population will create an increase in demand on local public services such as education and health. How will the project tackle that?

    Permission is sought for up to 19,620m2 of educational space which will include two primary schools with early years and special education needs and disabilities (SEND) provision and a secondary school campus also including SEND provision.

    If the Horsham and Mid Sussex Clinical Commissioning Group do not require an on-site facility, a financial contribution towards off-site healthcare improvements in the locality will be provided.

  2. Will local utilities be able to cope with over 3,000 new homes?

    The existing 132kv primary electricity substation to the west of Jane Murray Way (A273) will be extended by up to 3,020m2 to provide additional electrical capacity to serve the development although it should be noted that this falls outside of the application site boundary. The existing 132kv overhead power lines to the north west of St Paul’s Catholic College will be undergrounded.

    In terms of water supply, Homes England is in ongoing discussion with South East Water to confirm proposed point of connections for the different parts of the site. The development will be served by a network of utilities infrastructure, including surface water attenuation and common service trenches for utility and broadband networks.

  3. How can I comment on the planning application for the new bridge and link road?

    The planning application can be accessed via Mid Sussex District Council’s planning register by using reference number DM/19/3313. Comments can also be made by writing to Planning Department, Oaklands Road, Haywards Heath, West Sussex RH16 1SS.

  4. How will you encourage the use of public transport?

    Public transport will be critical to embed sustainable travel habits from the outset of the development. The layout of the site has been designed to facilitate a main public transport corridor which will help to ensure that all parts of the site have access to bus based public transport. On Maple Drive for example, pedestrian and cycle improvements to enhance connections to Wivelsfield railway station will be provided. We are also proposing a new bus route that will pass through the Northern Arc on the spine road between Jane Murray Way in the west and Maple Drive in the east. This will be a high frequency route that will connect the Northern Arc to key destinations in Burgess Hill including the railway stations, the town centre and the main employment centres.

    These improvements will support Mid Sussex District Council and West Sussex District Council’s ‘Place and Connectivity programme’ which will deliver significant infrastructure improvements across Burgess Hill.

  5. The new development at Freeks Farm will increase traffic on Maple Drive and the surrounding area, what will be done to address this?

    The planning consent for Freeks Farm allows for 130 homes to be built and occupied and accessed from Maple Drive. Further development will only be possible once the highway and bridge connection to the A273 Isaacs Lane is complete. The planning application, approved in January 2020, can be accessed on Mid Sussex District Council’s planning register – reference DM/19/3313.

  6. How will the local road network deal with the increase in traffic that the development will bring?

    We are committed to delivering a well-connected development and are working closely with Mid Sussex District Council (MSDC), West Sussex County Council (WSCC) and Highways England to deliver a wide range of improvements which will benefit both existing and new residents of Burgess Hill.

    These include:

    • Increasing the capacity of key junctions including three existing roundabouts on the A273 Jane Murray Way, at York Road, Coulstock Road and Sussex Way.

    • A spine road through the site which will provide a link road between the A2300 and the A272 Isaacs Lane. This will also relieve parts of the existing highway network in Burgess Hill by providing a more convenient route for some through traffic travelling between Isaacs Lane, the A2300 and Jane Murray Way.

    • Contribution to the dualling of the A2300 being delivered by WSCC.

    • A Public Transport Strategy, developed in consultation with WSCC and Metrobus, which will ultimately see buses connect Brookleigh with key destinations in Burgess Hill via buses every 12 minutes, like the town centre, railway stations and key employment areas. Discussions are ongoing with other bus operators to further enhance this bus service. • A three-tier network of cycling and walking routes throughout Brookleigh, which will cater for a mix of ages and abilities

  7. Where can I find more information?

    NewRiver are working closely with the Council and the project team is happy to answer any queries about the development of Burgess Hill town centre. If you have any questions, you can contact them via:

    You can find further information regarding the development on the Martlets website.

    This will be regularly updated with all the latest news and upcoming plans to rejuvenate the town centre.

  8. Will there be traffic disruption?

    As with all major developments, there will be an impact on local infrastructure, particularly as construction equipment arrives on site. NewRiver will always give local residents as much notice as they can of upcoming road closures or traffic disruptions, and endeavour to keep this to an absolute minimum for the duration of the construction works.

  9. How will NewRiver manage the disruption that will be caused?

    Construction will inevitably cause some disruption and disturbance, but NewRiver will do their upmost to minimise this wherever possible. They are committed to working with residents and businesses to minimise the impacts of these works on the local community and their contractors will be required to adhere to the “Considerate Contractors Scheme”, which encourages best practice beyond statutory requirements. NewRiver will do their best to keep residents informed of forthcoming works, and any periods of increased activity.

    They will put forward a detailed Construction Management Plan to mitigate any potential disruption and will work with the Council to ensure that this is implemented prior to the commencement of development.

  10. When will the shops close?

    The remaining shops at the Martlets Shopping Centre are currently operating on short-term leases of varying lengths and will close at different times to provide flexibility for the programme of works.

  11. Why is Martlets Hall being closed?

    Marlets Hall is being closed to allow for the redevelopment of Burgess Hill Town Centre, by NewRiver. Once complete the new town centre will boast:

    • New leisure and recreational facilities
    • Refurbished car parks
    • A new Cineworld
    • Newly built flats and hotels
    • New employment opportunities so people can work locally
    • A variety of new and affordable eating establishments
  12. When will the Martlets Hall close?

    Notice has formally been served and NewRiver are working with Places for People Leisure to identify an appropriate time for closure.

  13. Will the Hall be replaced?

    Between February and March 2018, local residents were asked to take part in a council-led vote by Burgess Hill Town Council (BHTC) on whether they supported funding the new venue, which was dependent on securing a £5 million loan. With a narrow majority of residents rejecting the increase in council tax to fund the new venue, BHTC is currently reviewing other ways to deliver the project over a longer timeframe.

  14. Where will the all the groups who currently use it go?

    MSDC suggested alternate venues to all groups who used Martlets Hall

  15. Who can I talk to about relocating to an alternative venue

    Glen Wilkinson, the Leisure Partnership Officer at Mid Sussex District Council, will be happy to help groups identify and move to a new home. You can contact him via email on or use the website feedback form to find out further information.

  16. Didn’t a consultant, working on behalf of BHTC, agree there is a need for an art/cultural venue in Burgess Hill?

    The Town Council commissioned a report that concluded that there could be sufficient demand for a small venue but further work needed to be done, in particular to establish viability. It would be up to BHTC to progress with the findings of any report they have commissioned.

  17. If we want to attract people to the town centre wouldn’t it be best to have an entertainment venue?

    We feel that the regenerated town centre, complete with new anchor tenants in the shopping centre, a new cinema and new eating establishments will attract many more visitors than the current town centre.

  18. How come Haywards Heath has an arts/cultural venue and Burgess Hill will not?

    Mid Sussex District Council was faced with a tough choice when supporting the town centre regeneration. Cost limitations meant that we could not have a new town centre and an arts/cultural venue. The Council decided that the new town centre, with all the features described above including the number of new jobs it would create, was the better decision for the benefit of Burgess Hill.

  19. When will the Multi-Storey car park be closed to the public?

    The closing date is anticipated to be January 2019.

  20. Where can I park once the Multi-Storey is closed?

    There is ample alternative car parking available in Burgess Hill, with the following car parks operated by Mid Sussex District Council:

    • Cyprus Road – 214 short stay and 101 long stay spaces
    • Station Road – 120 long stay spaces
    • Queens Crescent – 204 long stay spaces
    • Church Road – 54 short stay spaces

    In addition, the Market Place Shopping Centre has 300 short stay car parking spaces.

  21. What type of signage will be in place for the general public to ensure they have easy access to parking?

    A project to introduce a range of new signage directing customers to alternative car parks within the town depending on their requirements and entry points into the town will be delivered during 2018.

  22. Where can I find further information about parking arrangements?

    Full details will be available on the MSDC website.