Site Update Videos

Site Update Videos


Interested in what’s been happening at Brookleigh? Our latest site update video will fill you in on the details.

The first phase of homes at Brookleigh are all affordable housing. If you’re interested in finding out more about affordable housing and whether it’s right for you, visit the Mid Sussex District Council website:…/apply-for-social-housing/

The first homes for sale on the private market will be available next year. Please keep an eye on our Facebook page and website for further updates:

Picture 15 Interested in what’s been happening at the Northern Arc? Our latest site update video will fill you in on the details.

Countryside Properties and Sage Housing will soon be welcoming residents to the first phase of homes - all of which will be affordable housing. If you’re interested in registering for affordable housing at Brookleigh, visit the Mid Sussex District Council website:…/apply-for-social-housing/

Danny Wood

Here is an update from Danny Wood, Managing Director at Countryside Properties, about how Countryside are progressing at the Freeks Farm site.

As well as building 460 new homes, Danny explains how the Brookleigh will provide new schools, job opportunities, and play areas for children. Danny also talks about what Countryside are doing to encourage sustainable transport links and biodiversity on site.

To register interest in buying a property at Freeks Farm please visit or for more information about affordable homes at Freeks Farm, please visit or

Lisa Palframann

Lisa Palframan, Senior Technical Manager for the Environment at Homes England, presents our latest site update.

Lisa is at the Lowlands Farm site and talks us through how Homes England will maintain and improve the variety of grasses and wildflowers in the unimproved grassland, as well as the plans for improving wildlife habitats across the Northern Arc.

Steve Horton

Steve Horton, Regional Director for Jackson Civil Engineering, provides us with an update about the construction of the Brookleigh’s Western Link Road, where it ties in with the A2300 dualling works.

Steve discusses upcoming works and how Jackson are working with Homes England and West Sussex District Council on the scheme.

Ken Glendinning

Here is the third of our site videos for the Northern Arc, from Ken Glendenning, Project Director at Homes England.

Ken is at the site of the Western Link Road and highlights the importance of Government investment in Burgess Hill, meeting local needs and designing a high quality development - key principles at Brookleigh. Ken is keen to hear your views as the scheme progresses, and shares a number of ways that you can get in contact and find out more.

Nicholas Milner

Here is the second of our site update videos for Brookleigh, from Nicholas Milner, Homes England.

Find out more about our latest development partner Bellway and their plans to create new homes, of which 30% is affordable housing. Homes England are hoping to announce a new developer for Phase 1C in the next few months.

Pooja Godhania

Here’s the first of our series of new site update videos for Brookleigh.

Find out more about the work Sisk are carrying out at the site of the Eastern Bridge and Link Road.