Northern Arc update on site progress: April/May 2021

Please find out site progress update for April/ May 2021.

In the pre-election period during the run-up to the May elections, specific restrictions on communications were in place which meant we weren’t able to publish our usual monthly site update. The following update therefore includes both April and May 2021

Countryside Properties at Freeks Farm

Countryside Properties are the first housebuilder to be appointed at the Northern Arc and will be building 460 homes, over 50% of them as affordable housing. The first affordable homes are expected to be ready in late Autumn 2021 and the first private homes in Spring 2022.

Since the previous update, Countryside Properties have been busy installing the foundations for homes at the Freeks Farm site.The piling is complete, and the ground beams are currently being poured. By summer, buildings will be visible above ground beginning with the delivery of the first sustainable timber frames in June.

Infrastructure works continued across the site, providing drainage, utilities and the access road from Maple Drive. Further progress has been made on the new and improved play area on Maple Drive. Installation of the play equipment is well under way, and the play area is expected to be open by the end of May. The design follows on from consultation with the local Sheddingdean Primary School, where pupils assisted in choosing the equipment they would like in their new play area including an activity area, play equipment, a Multi-Use Games Area, seating and landscaping.

Playground site works Maple Drive.

An image of the playground under construction at Maple Drive.

John Sisk & Son and the Eastern Bridge and Link Road

John Sisk & Son, who will build the eastern bridge and link road which will join Freeks Lane to Isaacs Lane, have now undertaken the second stage of site clearance works required at the proposed eastern bridge location. All work undertaken on site was undertaken with the presence of an ecologist and in compliance with the conditions of their licence from Natural England. Sisk are also progressing the details of the design and finalising their programme in preparation for the main works to begin on site in the near future.

An image showing Sisk site clearance works.

An image showing Sisk site clearance works

Jackson Civil Engineering

Jackson Civil Engineering are building the Western Link road connecting the A2300 in the north to Jane Murray Way in the south, with new roundabouts built at the intersections with the existing highways.

During April, progress has been made on the northern half of the new roundabout on the A2300. The next step is to surface the northern half of the roundabout which will then allow traffic to be diverted onto it. This will be in conjunction with the adjacent A2300 improvement works planned traffic switch over onto the newly constructed sections of road. Works to the southern half of the new roundabout will then commence, excavating out the footprint of the roundabout and once traffic is switched over on the main A2300 then works can commence to finish the section of new roundabout.

The drainage to the roundabout is being provided by the installation of a combined kerb drainage system. This system has been specially designed for efficiency to require minimal maintenance. During this period, the installation of filter drainage has also been undertaken which allows any water that is in the ground to drain away before it reaches the foundation of the road. Design work continues to the proposed roads coming from the new roundabout to the north and south with construction expected to begin later this year.

An image showing construction works at the A2300 roundabout.

An image showing construction works at the A2300 roundabout