03 - Burgess Hill Railway Station area

The Burgess Hill Railway Station area is identified as an area for improvement in the Town Wide Strategy and Neighbourhood Plan and is identified as a priority area given the critical role it plays as a gateway to the town. The station currently lacks high quality pedestrian and cycle links to the town centre and major employment areas.

The proposals provide a comprehensive link with the wider network of planned pedestrian and cycle improvements to facilitate safe and secure movement to and from the station with links to Keymer Road, Church Road and Station Road including a pedestrian and cycle crossings on Station Road achieved by upgrading the current signalised junction.

The proposals also enhance the public realm by using better materials with opportunities to contribute to the local character and identity of Burgess Hill and facilitate a wider townwide wayfinding scheme.

The proposals for the Burgess Hill Station Area are all contained within the existing public highway and have been developed with full regard to highway design standards and subject to road safety audits. The Burgess Hill Station Area Improvement scheme includes measures to:

  • Prioritise pedestrian and cyclist movements between Burgess Hill Railway Station and key local destinations;
  • Formalise the current taxi and passenger pick-up and drop-off area and provide footway widening to the front of the station area;
  • Widen the footway and reduce street furniture on the southern side of Station Road to provide safe, shared use pedestrian and cycle route to link with Church Road and extend through the length of Station Road;
  • Replace the current Station Road / Church Road mini-roundabout with a signal- controlled junction to provide safe and convenient links to Burgess Hill town centre while retaining highway capacity;
  • Provide raised table pedestrian and cycle crossings at key side road junctions including Queens Crescent and Station Road to provide safer crossings;
  • Widen the footway to the southern side of Station Road to deliver safe cycle links to Keymer Road including the provision of a toucan crossing on the Keymer Road;
  • Retain existing on-street parking capacity near business and retail units; and
  • Ensure the scheme provides links to complementary improvements to the proposed wider network of improvements (Townwide Green Links).

Burgess Hill Station Area Public Highway Improvements – Scheme Overview (Sheet 3)