The Triangle Leisure Centre

The scheme is selected as a priority area for improvement to support the aspiration of the Townwide Strategy and Neighbourhood Plan to improve walking and cycling links and because of the importance of the site as part of this strategy as a busy leisure facility (attracting some 820,000 visits per year);as a through-route for residents; and because facilities at and around the site underperform for those wishing to travel to the site on foot, bike or by public transport. The level of activity at the Triangle Leisure Centre is also predicted to grow significantly due to the continuing popularity of the facility and increased demand from local housing and employment growth.

The proposals will enhance public spaces at the Leisure Centre and improve access to and across the site from the adjacent areas. The Scheme includes measures to:

  • Prioritise pedestrian and cyclist movements to and across the site;
  • Relocate the bus stop to the main entrance area and to install live bus timetables inside the centre to help encourage use;
  • Create significantly more covered and secure cycle parking facilities;
  • Improve the route between Sussex Way and the Leisure Centre including wayfinding;
  • Install a shared use walking/cycling path on the western side of Sussex Way (nearest to the Centre). This will complement a shared use path being delivered on the eastern side of Sussex Way by the Northern Arc development;
  • Install new crossing facilities along Sussex Way;
  • Improve the street scene along Sussex Way including the planting of trees and widening of verges and narrow the road carriageway to encourage lower traffic speeds.
  • Tie the scheme in with links and crossings coming forward through the Northern Arc development and the Townwide Green Links schemes.

The scheme will be delivered in phases. The design of the scheme considers proposals to expand the car park and increase artificial sports pitch provision at the site to cater for increased demand.

Triangle Leisure Centre Area – Triangle Leisure Centre site scheme overview

Triangle Leisure Centre Area – Sussex Way scheme overview

Triangle Leisure Centre Area – Sussex Way scheme sections

Triangle Leisure Centre Area – scheme feasibility report