05 - Town Centre - Western Gateway

The Western Gateway is identified as an area for improvement in the Town Wide Strategy and Neighbourhood Plan and is identified as a priority area as it functions as a key link between proposed improvements to town centre and west of the town centre, Burgess Hill railway station together with links to the north from the emerging Northern Arc pedestrian and cycle improvements.

  • The proposals seek to enhance pedestrian and cycle access through this key transport corridor. These are contained within the existing public highway and have been developed with full regard to highway design standards and subject to road safety audits and would provide:
  • Widened pedestrian refuge points at the London Road junction to improve crossing provision for pedestrians and cyclists;
  • A widened northern footway on Queen Elizabeth Avenue to provide a shared use pedestrian / cycle route providing continuity with routes proposed on London Road and links west to the Victoria Business Park and beyond;
  • Raised table pedestrian and cycle crossings at key side road junctions including School Close and The Brow to provide safer crossings;
  • Replacement of the existing Queen Elizabeth Way / Civic Way / Station Road roundabout with a 4-arm signalised junction with Toucan Crossings managing the flow of traffic through the junction and providing pedestrian / cycle priority while retaining highway capacity;
  • Comprehensive links to complementary improvements to the wider network and tie in with improvements proposed through the Northern Arc and Town Centre Regeneration.

Burgess Hill Town Centre Western Gateway – Scheme Overview (Sheets 1 & 2)