About Burgess Hill

The Strategic Growth Programme for Burgess Hill is the most ambitious programme of change anywhere in the sub-region. Our ambition is to transform the local economy, creating thousands of new high value jobs in technology-led industries, and making Burgess Hill one of the most attractive places in the region to live and to do business.

Happy family going for picnic - Burgess Hill
  • A fully sustainable 21st century town focused around a high quality, vibrant and accessible town centre.
  • Supporting the existing and future population with community facilities, employment opportunities and access to green open space.
  • A town that functions efficiently and is underpinned by a modern, sustainable transport network.

Burgess Hill is a well-connected, attractive place to live and in the next few years will see significant growth and investment to ensure it continues to be a modern, thriving town where residents can live, work and play.

You can find further information by downloading our brochure by clicking here.